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PBM Accountability Project Statement on Energy and Commerce Committee Health Subcommittee Advancement of Healthcare Legislation

Today, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health held a markup of 23 bills aimed at strengthening our healthcare system and lowering costs for patients. The proposals advanced include critical language that would break the link between the cost of medicines in Medicare and the fees pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) charge.


Mark Blum, managing director of the PBM Accountability Project, issued the following statement:


“We’re pleased to see this proposal advance out of the subcommittee and we hope the full committee will move swiftly as well. Democrats, Republicans, patients, providers, pharmacists, consumers, organized labor groups, antitrust advocates and more all agree that we must put an end to the misaligned and perverse PBM incentives that ultimately increase out-of-pocket costs for patients. Breaking the link between their profits and drug prices in the Medicare program will do just that. What’s more, CBO estimates that breaking the link between PBM profits and drug prices in Medicare would save taxpayers and the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars over a 10-year period. All Americans deserve that.”


To learn more about the PBM issue and legislative solutions, click here.  


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